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D8able LLC

D8able LLC


About Us

D8able is a national LGBTQ Matchmaking and Relationship Advising Company based in New York. D8able is designed to teach the LGBTQ how to be d8able first! Before they should try and include a partner in their lives. We educate on ‘self’ and how self is the foundation to any relationship, but there are steps to landing the ideal person and maintaining it and the beginning of those steps start with the individual .

The mission of D8able is to provide service to people who want to find companionship and love and to advocate the need for greater awareness around dating in the LGBTQ community. We believe strongly in Trust, Commitment, honesty, sanctity of a relationship, & Longevity.

We also believe that once you are in a relationship that help is still needed. We believe that love, dating and being romantic should not stop once you “put a ring on it” or even say you are exclusive. We want our clients, whether single, in a relationship or married to know that they have a place to come for advisement, a guide and resource.


Showing the LGBT Community how to be D8able
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