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Holistic Health

About Us

Sometimes it's weird to talk about the "awkward". What we mean to say is douching. We started Du for this very reason, the sake of conversation. We want to bring douching into the present with an innovated product. A douche made for everyone. A product to spark topics that shouldn't be taboo. We are queer founders belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. This is our greatest joy in life. It is at the core of Du and what it's about. When we began we found no adequate douches that existed. A majority of them had no company/brand behind them. The rest of them were so behind on innovation or marketed to a certain group only. None of which were welcoming nor relatable. That's when we knew we had to step in. We here at Du are fighting for all kinds of butt stuff! Check out what we have to offer, talk out loud, and let us know your thoughts.