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Everything UR LLC

Everything UR LLC


About Us

ONE WORD can change everything!

A branded apparel line, Everything UR was created to be a change advocate with a mission and purpose of advancing the awareness of the power of words and the mindfulness of how ONE WORD, spoken in love and support, can fundamentally change the trajectory of a child’s life. A single word can have a profound influence on our emotional health but what if the power of positive words and the impact of these words on children was more widely known? How life-changing it could be if there was more of an awareness that positive words unleash the power in children to thrive and be successful, well-balanced adults? Bringing this awareness to light is the mission, goal and reason for Everything UR.

The Everything UR website is our primary e-tail website for Everything UR apparel and merchandise. The Everything UR website is also a repository of scholarly articles, input from guest contributors, and a blog from company co-owner, Greg, who shares his experiences and insights related to his own toxic childhood.

A portion of all sales is donated to the Everything UR Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established by Greg and Bob to provide monetary support to organizations that are closely aligned with the mission and vision of our company. The Everything UR Foundation also holds events to not only raise funds, but to raise the awareness of and advocate for our mission.


Bob and Greg