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Long & Associates PLLC

Long & Associates PLLC

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We measure your mountain of legal issues in the technology, media, and design industries twice. That we, we only have to climb once. At Long & Associates, we prioritize classic advising and problem solving in your intellectual property, corporate, and litigation matters over billable hours. We believe quickly solving your problem with powerful remedies at workable rates, or by encouraging collaborative problem solving with your adversaries, is the best way to develop not only a sustainable relationship with you, but also a long lasting reputation. In addition, we provide you with holistic advising which takes into account the short and long-term non-legal consequences of your actions. These have included the risk of a foreign government’s extrajudicial retribution, leaks to the press, credit rating problems, and armed conflict.


Ryan E. Long, Esq.
Moderating a conference on start-up funding in San Francisco.
Panel members from conference on start-up funding in San Francisco.
Moderating the conference on start-up funding in San Francisco.