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Meet At Inc

Meet At Inc

Event Spaces & Venues

About Us

Meet has one focus: produce full-service, successful meetings in unique and inspiring spaces. Meet revolutionized how companies gather for strategy and brainstorming sessions, focus groups, product launches, and pitch meetings. We currently have three locations: Meet on Chrystie, Meet on Bowery and Meet in SoHo. We customize our venues for each meeting, matching brand, objectives, and agenda to the space.

Fully engineered for creative thought to flourish, Meet combines professional service, technology and evocative design to build an experience un-imagined by other offsite spaces. We believe that the design and feeling of a space contribute to a seamless meeting. The environment you are in affects your attitude, creativity, and energy levels. Our clients gather to re-invent their business, re-design a product, or pitch potential business.

We’ve won many loyal customers with our professional service that allows them to simply show up, knowing that every detail has been covered. Because we’ve thought through all the nuances, you can be assured that your guests will be delighted and your meeting or event will be a success. Our pricing on proposals is completely transparent – we do not have any hidden fees or charges. We deliver on what we promise. The Meet experience is one that you will appreciate long after your day is over.


Meet in SoHo Conference Room
Meet in SoHo Beverage Fridge
Meet in SoHo Breakthrough Studio
Meet in SoHo Hallway
Meet in SoHo Judith Supine Wallpaper
Meet in SoHo Pod Style Seating
Meet in SoHo Catering Serving Area
Meet in SoHo Executive Bathrooms
Meet on Bowery Classroom Style Seating
Meet on Bowery Catering Serving Area
Meet on Bowery Entrance
Meet on Bowery Meditation Room
Meet on Bowery Meditation Room
Meet on Bowery Rooftop Garden
Meet on Chrystie Kitchen
Meet on Chrystie View Into Salon
Meet on Chrstie Open Concept Kitchen Area
Meet on Chrystie Lounge
Meet on Chrystie Entrance
Meet on Chrystie Nooks
Meet on Chrystie Bee Room