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VINN Marketing LLC

VINN Marketing LLC

Marketing Consultants

About Us


We are visionaries who listen first, and ask the right questions. We love what we do & our focus is on delivering strategic marketing excellence.

?We're a NYC creative, visionary, purpose-led and collaborative boutique marketing agency with global clients.

With over 20 years of delivering marketing excellence, our tailored frameworks, methodologies, technology utilization, proven best-practices, and empathy provides marketing success for business goals and fiduciary responsibilities.

Our projects focus on:

The WHY - High level of business and marketing (Purpose, Innovation, Contingency Planning, Branding, Business & Marketing Strategy, Competitive Landscape, Growth Strategies, Messaging/Storytelling, Product/Services Marketing, Creative Brainstorming etc.);

The HOW - Tool selection to achieve critical objectives (Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy & Development, Consumer Engagement, Communications, Events, etc.);

The WHEN - Delivering and managing the Execution (Resources, Internal Culture, Critical Success Factors, Budgeting, etc.).

We deliver complete solutions to stand-alone projects focusing on one aspect of the marketing function, or targeting unique individual challenges.

?We collaborate with companies and brands to stand out against all other competitors and alternatives through authentic, unique, innovative, and Purpose or Vision, beyond just profits to sustain impact & growth.


To help spark creativity, or let the mind wonder when creative problem solving is needed, we take clients on walking meetings. It's amazing what comes to us when we let our minds wonder.