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Weinman Schnee Morais Inc


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About Us

WSM is a full-service custom market research agency that helps brands grow by better connecting with their customers. We've used our expertise and experience as Ph.D. social scientists (psychology, anthropology, communication) to develop a suite of techniques and analyses that unlock a brand's potential by uncovering often difficult to articulate usage motivators and barriers and developing strategies for effective messaging that lead to awareness, trial, and repeated use. We have a full array of qualitative and quantitative techniques that operate as stand-alone products or as integrated components in existing research streams, such as concept/product testing, segmentation studies, etc. WSM was founded 25 years ago as a health (Rx & OTC) & wellness research company, which is still one of our core categories of expertise, along with consumer products (CPG & HH).


  • Full-Service Custom Market Research
  • Health & Welnnes (Rx & OTC) & Consumer Products (GPG, HH)
  • Global Reach
  • Ph.D. Social Scientists
  • 25 Years of Helping Brands Grow